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Native American Student Association’s Annual Pow Wows

Last week, NMU hosted its 24th annual “Learning to Walk Together” traditional Pow Wow. The Pow wow starts off with the grand entry and flag song, followed by the veterans’ honor song. The Pow wows also consist of a variety of male and female traditional dances such as jingle dress and grass dance, as well as social dances such as the inter-tribal, round dance and two-step. Accompanied by songs and other performances. Crafts, reference materials, and food can all be found at the artisan and vendor booths as well.

The archives has many photographs and articles related to the pow wow over the years. Here are some photographs:


Photo of a tribe member dancing from the 1994 pow wow


Photo of a tribe member from the 1993 pow wow


Photo of a tribe member from the 1993 pow wow


Written by Libby Serra


It’s Time to Celebrate: Native American Heritage Month

Did you know that November is Native American Heritage month? Here at Northern Michigan University, the Center for Native American Studies puts on events all month long to celebrate the Native American culture. Some of this year’s events include Native American films, workshops, musicians, and speakers. We encourage you to look at the schedule (click on the link below) and support the Center for Native American Studies by attending one of these fascinating events!

Native American Heritage Month 2012.

Native American Dancer

A dancer at the annual “Learning to Walk Together Pow Wow”

If you can’t make it to any of the events this month, don’t fret, you can still learn about Native American Heritage! Here at the Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives we have multiple collections related Native American history. For example, we have the Henry Schoolcraft papers on microfilm which are a great record of early European and Native American contact in the Upper Peninsula. Henry Schoolcraft was an explorer, Indian agent, and ethnologist in the 1820s. His papers include information on the Federal Government’s relationship with the Native Americans, Native American religion, and Christian missionary work among different tribes.

We also have issues of the Nishnawbe News, a newspaper for Native Americans of the Great Lakes Area, which was produced by the Organization of North American Indian Students of NMU. It was one of the three Native American publications in the country during the 1970’s. If that isn’t enough, we have photos of the past years’ “Learning to Walk Together Pow Wow,” many books pertaining to Native American History in the Upper Peninsula, and much more! If you want to learn more about Native American heritage, here is a link to the Native American Resource guide from the NMU Archives website:

Resource Guides

Oh, and one more thing: happy Native American Heritage Month!