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The Fantastics

As I pondered what I should write my blog post on, I thought of all the fun photos I have looked at and remembered seeing The Fantastics. The Fantastics were a band here at NMU from 1971 to 1976 composed of 14 students. They were called, “Northern’s Musical Ambassadors,” and were characterized by wearing matching outfits and go-go boots. The Fantastics were very successful on campus, performing at different events, and popular outside of campus as well, performing as USO shows within the states, and internationally. They made a couple albums from various music companies. In 1973 The Fantastics were recipients of the Department of Defense Certificate of Esteem.

The 1973 campus yearbook, the Peninsulan, said of the Fantastics

“Northern Michigan University’s Entertainment Ambassadors, the “Fantastics,” have performed over one hundred times since their first appearance in December of 1970. The multi-talented young men and women have received rave notices following their performance not only in Michigan, but over a four state span. The secret to their success lies in the fact that they do all types of music. Stylistically, they are the 50’s, 60’s, and the 70’s all rolled up in one enthusiastic explosion of the finest in the sounds from the past three decades.

“In January of 1973, the “Fantastics” will be entertaining our American Forces in the Caribbean, as USO representatives selected through the Department of Defense and the National Music Council. The tour will last five weeks and will include performance in Cuba, Central America, the Panama Canal Zone, South America, Trinidad, the Virgin Islands, Puerto Rico, Dominican Republic, and the Bahamas.”

Please enjoy some photos of NMU’s Fantastics!


If you are interested in hearing the Fantastics, I have included a link to one of their songs on YouTube: click here for The Fantastics!

This post was written by Eliza Compton.


Collection Spotlight: Hiawatha Festival Record

The Hiawatha Music Co-op will be holding its 39th annual music festival July 21-23 this year in its usual location of the Marquette Tourist Park. Featuring traditional Upper Peninsula Music, the Co-op seeks to promote learning and understanding through music. The very first festival was held in Champion, Michigan in 1979, but in 1984 it was moved to Tourist Park, here in Marquette MI. Every year about three to four thousand people come together to share experiences and listen to great music. This year the headliners have not been announced yet, but they always include local names and faces as well as many well-known musicians.


In addition to putting on the music festival each year for 39 consecutive years, the Hiawatha Music Co-op also sponsors many other local musicians and puts on other music festivals throughout the year. Recently the Co-op has been partnering with the U.P. Beaumier Heritage Center to put on events for the local community. If you’re interested and would like to know more, you can visit their website at: https://hiawathamusic.org/, or you can come down to the NMU Archives as we just received all of their records! As a note though, the records are unprocessed (unorganized), but are still open for viewing. With the end of the school semester at NMU fast approaching, our hours will be changing slightly during the summer- starting Monday May 8- from 10:00am-5:00pm Monday-Friday (instead of being open until 7:00pm Tuesdays and Thursdays).


This post was written by Grace Mentor.