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Student Staff Spotlight: Lydia

Our second graduating senior this year is Lydia Henning, our Website and Digitization Specialist. For those of the readership that have had the joy of visiting us in person this year, they have Lydia to thank for Whiteboard Wednesdays. It is her accomplishments with our online exhibition websites, however, that she values the most from her time with the Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives.


The original!

Lydia spent four years as a Graphic Communications major; a scheduling snafu lead her to switch her major to Spanish. It was a natural second choice, since Lydia has been taking classes in that language since before preschool, and spoke Spanish with a close neighbor and her grandmother. Even with years of practice, though, Lydia says “I find my Spanish has improved exponentially since I have two Spanish classes on the same day of my school week this semester. I recommend immersion to learn any language.” She has been to Mexico twice, and looks forward to going again.

Lydia on living in the Upper Peninsula:

“Marquette is a great city, away from the bustle of major highways of the Lower Peninsula, and with more abundant natural beauty! I have enjoyed the lakes and ponds and rivers of Da Yoop, fly fishing with my boyfriend, who I met at NMU- in the library, actually. I also work there, as a student assistant. I love going to the numerous coffee shops around town, and walking to the shoreline of Gitche Gumee every so often. Many agree it’s much nicer here in the warmer months… so do I! I like the winter and snow, though. Saying, stay warm! to people is my favorite goodbye phrase in the winter.”

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Lydia with a big boat. The man in the red shirt is the author’s brother!


Lydia with some pretty leaves!

Originally from Fowlerville, Michigan, Lydia hopes for a career in museums, as a curator, exhibit designer, or interpreter, or maybe all three! She has been volunteering at the Marquette Regional History Center, and looks forward to many other opportunities. Stay warm, Lydia! Stay warm, Stefan!


Stefan and Lydia. Author’s brother not pictured. Or is he?

This post was written by Emily Wros.


Event Feature: Andy Warhol Exhibit

Recently I made a “Throwback Thursday” post on Facebook. I brought back to mind an exhibit that was put on in the Lee Hall Gallery. I found a particular video advertising an exhibition, and that exhibition was about a certain artist, and that artist was related to the date. In this blog post I will expand on the topic, and inform our readers of the awesome NMU video collection.


“Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes of Fame” was a traveling exhibition put together by the Detroit Institute of Arts.In the video I watched, Commentator Wayne Francis (former director of Lee Hall Gallery) informs that the exhibition consisted of work done by Warhol from the early 1960’s down to his latest work, which he created before his death, on February 22, 1987.

Here, I will say, I could not determine the year the video clip was made/ the exhibition was put on, but I can say it was after Warhol’s death, as they mention it in the clip.


The director also regales how Warhol was the Father of Pop Art. He produced his work in mass quantities, and brought a different approach that shocked other artists. The exhibition provided a fresh look at Warhol’s work.


The series in which I found the informative video clip is called the Lee Hall Exhibition Series. It contains various video clips of art exhibits, all featured at Lee Hall Gallery at Northern Michigan University. All the video clips contain commentary from the former director of the Gallery, Wayne Francis. The exhibitions feature local artists, traveling shows, and faculty shows.


The Archives is processing the Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University video collection. We will have these resources digitized, online and published in the future. For now, if these subjects interest you, feel free to stop in and take a look at them!


Hope all of you have a great weekend! (This post was written by digitization specialist Lydia Henning). 

Collection Spotlight: The Northern College News/ The North Wind

If someone were to come into the archives and ask me what I would recommend for them to look at, I would immediately tell them to read the Northern newspapers from  past years. The Archives has all of the newspaper editions starting from 1919 all the way to the present in either microfilm reels or as physical copies.

Reading the newspapers can be a more personal way to learn about the past. To me, when I read a newspaper from a different time, it is as if I just picked up the newspaper from this morning, and what I am reading about is happening right now. It’s a unique opportunity to read the opinions of young people — specifically Northern’s students — during the different major events in the past like World War II, the Civil Rights Movement, or the AIDS epidemic. While it is easy to pretend I am learning about the events for the first time while reading the articles it is also cool to analyze and compare the past to the present.



One example in comparing the past to the present is looking at humor. I took a picture of a joke section from a newspaper from 1919, and I can admit that none of the jokes made any sense to me, but it was cool to think that in 100 years from now some student archivist will be reading about the different memes and jokes we make currently. I hope you all have a great week!


Feel free to come in and visit the Archives for you research needs or for a quiet place to study (M,W,F: 10am-5pm, T,Th: 10am-7pm). (This post was written by Kyleigh Sapp).