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The Beaumier Upper Peninsula Heritage Center is a historical museum and educational facility on the campus of Northern Michigan University. It is located at 105 Cohodas Hall. To contact the Beaumier Heritage Center, e-mail heritage (at) or call 906-227-3212.

Buttons, Buttons as Far as the Eye Can See

NTbuttons2While cataloging items this week, I’ve begun to notice just how many buttons and pins we have here at the Beaumier Heritage Center. They range from commemorative pins to buttons advertising dances, important causes, theater seasons or sports. It’s a bit mind boggling just how many types of buttons and pins have been used throughout the years, and I hope they keep coming in.

This is just a small peek at the variety of buttons and pins that we have. More are on display in the NMU Trustees’ Board Room and other locations around campus. Click on the pictures to see larger images.

Written by Stephen Glover of the BHC



A ‘Greek’ Peek

Piggy backing off of the blog post “Not That kind of Greek…” by the Central U.P. and NMU Archives, the BHC presents some of the artifacts we have connected to Greek life here at NMU.


Although hard to read, this trophy says “Rush Float Winner Tau Pi Nu 1937”

Rush, which was somewhat similar to “Greek Week,” was always a big deal for the sororities and fraternities at NMU. In the earlier years of the university’s history, a parade was held during this week and the Greeks would make floats for it. Every year a winner for best float was awarded a little trophy. This one was given to the sorority Tau Pi Nu for their 1937 float.


Fraternity paddle for Delta Sigma Phi

We have a number of paddles from a variety of Fraternities. Paddles are typically handmade by the student entering the fraternity or sorority. What the paddles are used for after they are made depends on the organization, though recent hazing laws have reduced them to being mostly ceremonial in nature.


Mugs for Alpha Phi Omega and Tri Mu

There are lots of nick-knacks associated with the Greek associations, a couple of prime examples that we have are these two mugs. Each is associated with a different fraternity.

These items are currently off display.

Written by Stephen Glover of the BHC

Ishpeming’s Gossard Factory

NTbeaumier1 Today we have a slightly unusual item from the BHC collection. It is a corset made by the H.W. Gossard Company. This item is in our collection because although the company was originally founded in Chicago, in 1920 they bought a warehouse in Ishpeming and turned it into a new factory. This corset was made during the time it was in operation.

NTbeaumier2The factory was a very important part of the community in Ishpeming for as long as it was open. In its hay day, the factory employed well over 500 people, the vast majority of which were women, and helped to pump money into the city’s economy. The factory was in operation until December 31, 1976. The building is now the Pioneer mall in downtown Ishpeming.

This item is currently off display.

Written by Stephen Glover of the BHC