Event Feature: Andy Warhol Exhibit

Recently I made a “Throwback Thursday” post on Facebook. I brought back to mind an exhibit that was put on in the Lee Hall Gallery. I found a particular video advertising an exhibition, and that exhibition was about a certain artist, and that artist was related to the date. In this blog post I will expand on the topic, and inform our readers of the awesome NMU video collection.


“Andy Warhol: 15 Minutes of Fame” was a traveling exhibition put together by the Detroit Institute of Arts.In the video I watched, Commentator Wayne Francis (former director of Lee Hall Gallery) informs that the exhibition consisted of work done by Warhol from the early 1960’s down to his latest work, which he created before his death, on February 22, 1987.

Here, I will say, I could not determine the year the video clip was made/ the exhibition was put on, but I can say it was after Warhol’s death, as they mention it in the clip.


The director also regales how Warhol was the Father of Pop Art. He produced his work in mass quantities, and brought a different approach that shocked other artists. The exhibition provided a fresh look at Warhol’s work.


The series in which I found the informative video clip is called the Lee Hall Exhibition Series. It contains various video clips of art exhibits, all featured at Lee Hall Gallery at Northern Michigan University. All the video clips contain commentary from the former director of the Gallery, Wayne Francis. The exhibitions feature local artists, traveling shows, and faculty shows.


The Archives is processing the Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University video collection. We will have these resources digitized, online and published in the future. For now, if these subjects interest you, feel free to stop in and take a look at them!


Hope all of you have a great weekend! (This post was written by digitization specialist Lydia Henning). 


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