Person Spotlight: Flora E. Hill

Miss Flora E. Hill (A.) was among the first faculty members of Northern Normal School,
Northern Michigan University’s predecessor. She was the head of the English
department from 1899 until 1919, and the sole instructor until 1905. She received both
her bachelor’s and master’s degree from the University of Michigan, and in 1906 she
published her own textbook for her children’s literature course.



Miss Hill (B.) often traveled to Europe, especially England. Here in Marquette she
was involved in the Upper Peninsula Education Association and encouraged teachers to
start and expand their own libraries. She brought the Mary E. Moore fund to Northern
and was one of the original trustees. An active member of the parish of St. Paul’s
Episcopal Cathedral, in 1919 Miss Hill left Marquette to help found the religious Order
of the Incarnation in Grossmont, California, and changed her name to Sister Mary
Angela. In 1921 the order was invited to do parish work in Quincy, Illinois, and that’s
where the trail ends (C.).






This information and much more can be found in the Central UP and NMU Archives. Come check out our student and faculty reference index cards on top of the Archivist file cabinet in our conference room (D.), our collection of NMU bulletins starting in 1905! (E.) and our books on Northern and Upper Michigan history (F.).


D. Student and Faculty personnel reference cards.


E. NMU Bulletins and Yearbooks.


F.  Books related to UP history.

(This post was written by Emily Wros).


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