Collection Spotlight: Yearbooks


One of the most used–and arguably, most entertaining–resources at the archives is our yearbook collection. They are a remarkable record of events, student organizations, faculty, and students at Northern. They are also a treasure trove of images from throughout Northern’s history.

The first extant yearbook is from 1910. We are missing several years between 1910 and 1950, in some cases because we simply do not have a copy, in others because a yearbook was not published that year. However, in the years without a yearbook, the student newspaper or magazine would frequently publish a yearbook-esque edition at the end of the year. The yearbooks continued until 1980, when the size of Northern made it impractical to continue a yearbook.

The yearbooks can be very helpful for genealogists. Together with our commencement records, the yearbooks can help a researcher to confirm that their relative attended Northern at a certain time. They will list what organizations a student was involved in, which might lead to records from that organization or newspaper articles about the student. In addition, the yearbooks will contain photos and anecdotes of their relative.

All of our yearbooks are on the shelves in our reading room and can be browsed at any time! We also have a few yearbooks from Marquette and Negaunee that are available to the public. Come in and check out the yearbook! We are open Monday/Wednesday/Friday 10 AM-5 PM and Tuesday/Thursday 10 AM-7 PM.

Written by Annika Peterson


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