Check Out Our Online Exhibits

Many are aware of the hundreds of collections that are held at the Central Upper Peninsula and NMU Archives. Our collections range from one folder to one hundred boxes. Some are filled with photos and cassettes while others contain documents and railroad maps that pertain to a unique time in the history of the UP or NMU.  No matter how different the collections may be, they’re all historical documents that are personally selected by the University Archivist.

In most cases, patrons come into the archives to look at collections and to conduct their research, but some are unable to come to the university for this. This is one of the reasons why the “Online Exhibits” were created. The online exhibits page showcases some of our largest and most interesting collections at the archives.

One of the first exhibits put on the site, was the “Recorded in Stone: Voices on the Marquette Iron Range.” This contains numerous articles and bibliographies of the history of immigration to Marquette as well as oral history interviews that you can listen to on the site. Another exhibit was created for the fiftieth anniversary of Anatomy of a Murder, a novel by local writer John D. Voelker that was later made into a movie with Jimmy Stewart. The site contains court transcripts, testimonies, juror interviews, and photos from the real case that inspired the novel.

Besides these two collections, there are also exhibits, pictures, and histories on historical buildings at NMU ranging from 1899 to 1951. Finally, there is an exhibit about student protests that took place on NMU’s campus in the 1960s.

Written by Prince Parker


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