Look Who’s At the Archives!

Please welcome our two new Student Assistants!  This semester we have added Grace Menter and Libby Serra to our Archives family and we are all very excited to have them here.  Following tradition, we have invited them to tell you a little about themselves and what brought them to NMU and the Archives.

Grace Menter

Accession Specialist


Grace is a sophomore studying History and Public History.  She is originally from a small town in Michigan outside of Ann Arbor, called Chelsea. Grace chose NMU because she loves the outdoors and going on adventures with her friends. Her interest in history arose when she took Advanced Placement U.S. History in high school and absolutely fell in love with everything about John Adams. Working at the NMU Archives is her dream job, since her major is History. In her spare time, Grace loves to watch documentaries, and Netflix in general; read books, like the Song of Ice and Fire series; and most especially she loves her cat, whose name is Tormund, after a character in the Song of Ice and Fire series. Grace’s favorite food is chocolate, as is typical for any girl her age, though her love for cats outweighs chocolate by a lot. If she could feasibly adopt all of the cats she wants, then she would need a much bigger apartment. But for now, she will continue to love her cat Tormund and keep on studying history.

Libby Serra

Digitization Specialist


Libby is a sophomore and a Digital Cinema major.  She is from the Chicago area.  Libby chose NMU because she loves hiking and all things outdoors.  Plus, the art programs are really cool! She loves making videos with her friends and finally decided to put all that to use here at NMU. She decided to apply to the Archives because she has had an extensive background in library work as well as computer programs. She loves watching documentaries, reading, listening and discovering new music, and enjoys going on scuba diving trips with her family.

Once again, WELCOME TO THE ARCHIVES, Grace and Libby.

We hope you are as happy to be here as we are to have you.

Written by Glenda Ward


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