Glam Glorious Graduates: Peter

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As we move ever closer to the end of this semester, we are reminded of what lies to come in the time away from school. For some, perhaps, it is not so much different after all. Perhaps it’s summer classes in Marquette. For others, perhaps it’s summer work to make some money before returning to school in the fall. For others, perhaps this summer means going abroad or traveling and volunteering. And yet for many this summer leads to change: a whole new chapter, life after college. This week’s post finishes our series on graduating student assistants with Outreach Specialist Peter Dewan.

photo 2

Peter (left) with his friend Kyle

Peter ended up choosing to attend NMU after graduating East Lansing High School in the spring of 2012. Peter knew that he wanted something different for his college experience. He says, “I chose NMU because I wanted a unique college experience. Most of my high school classmates attended Michigan State or the University of Michigan. I was one of three classmates that picked Northern Michigan University. The first time I visited Marquette I knew it was the right place for me. I was amazed by the beauty of Lake Superior and the surrounding geographical features within Marquette County.” Peter is a pretty smooth and logical guy. He enjoys brackets, basketball, and even taxes! So naturally it makes sense that he would go into accounting. Peter relates how he came to choose his major: “I am currently graduating with a bachelor’s degree in Accounting. At first I was a Marketing major with no intention of becoming an accountant. After I took the required accounting classes for the college of business, I realized that I enjoyed the work and I could see myself pursuing a future career within the field”.

photo 3

Backpacking trip at the Porcupine Mountains (Right, Jon Michael)

Whenever he’s around, Peter gives off good vibes. He always seems to stay positive and energetic. Of course, all of this energy needs to be let out somehow. Peter does this by staying active–going to the PEIF or on a run every day and going hiking, camping, and walking. He says, “One of my favorite moments at NMU was when I went backpacking in the Porcupine Mountains. During my sophomore year I lived in Magers Hall, on the third floor. A group of friends and I decided to plan a backpacking trip over Labor Day weekend. Prior to this trip I had very minimal backpacking experience. After the first day of hiking we found a campsite right along Lake of the Clouds. The campsite was unreal and it was hard to imagine that we were still in Michigan. On the second day we visited various waterfalls and also went swimming in Lake of the Clouds. By the end of the trip we hiked roughly 32-40 miles around the Porcupine Mountains. This trip has become a tradition for my roommate Rob and I. For the past three years we have gone backpacking together over Labor Day weekend in the Porcupine Mountains. I’ve cherished the time spent on the trails and I look forward to many more fun adventures in the Porkies!”

photo 4

Holding down the front desk at the NMU Archives.

At the Archives, Peter maintains a constructive presence. As the Marketing and Public Outreach Specialist, Peter helps to set up outreach events and runs the Archives social media. He says, “Working at the Archives for the past two years has been a great experience. I have been able to learn about planning events and using effective communication. The ability to communicate with others is the biggest component of my job that I will take away. I have also had the opportunity to work with some amazing people, and I really appreciate everything that I have learned from my co-workers”. You are probably asking, what’s the future plan for Peter? Wait no further. Peter says, “After graduating from NMU I plan on looking for an internship within the public accounting sector. After interning for a year, I plan on applying to Michigan State University for their law program. My goal is to apply my knowledge of accounting towards tax law. The few tax classes I have taken at Northern have inspired me to pursue a future career in tax law and planning. I also hope to sit for the Certified Public Accountant (CPA) exam within the next two years.”

photo 5

Written by Stefan Nelson


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