Glam Glorious Graduates: Anne



As you all know, this spring we will be saying goodbye to three of our great student assistance here at the Archives. During this bittersweet time we have to remind ourselves that these three amazing graduates have made it to the finish line. In honor of their success, now and in the future, we have decided to give them a proper send off, continuing with the GlamGlorious Graduates. Part II is dedicated to our Digitization Specialist, Anne Krohn.

Anne decided to attend NMU after graduating from Merrill High School in June of 2012. As you can see she and her friends had an amazing time. Anne loves the Lake Superior area and really wanted to stay close to the water. Anne explains to us her decision making highschoolprocess. “I knew that I wanted to go to a college near Lake Superior. My family and I often vacationed there in the summer and I have always been drawn to its beauty. So I only looked at two schools for college, the University of Wisconsin–Superior and Northern Michigan University because they both had degrees in film making. Choosing to be a film maker was never something I thought I would do until I actually started looking at schools. From a young age I’ve always loved telling stories and creating characters, so I’ve always imagined myself becoming a writer. However, I began to realize that descriptive writing is actually really hard and I’ve always had these images when I write and I really wanted to bring these images to life in a visual form. So I decided to become a screen writer. After looking at both schools I liked Northern’s more hands on approach, better than Superiors, plus the campus was much prettier, so it wasn’t hard to choose.”

When it comes to Anne, there is never a bland moment. Anne is a person who lives for the now and loves to go on adventures and hikes. With her free spirit, she bonds with every person she meets and builds great friendships with others as she works hard to pursue her dreams. Making memories effortlessly, she struggles to pick one to share with us. “It’s impossible to only pick one memory for there are many that I will always remember about Northern, but for the sake of this blog post I will just pick one. During my digital cinema classes in the winter of 2015, I formed a close bond with three of my classmates in particular, Chris, Olivia, and Michael. In the picture you can see all four of us huddled around a RED camera at the top of Marquette Mountain. We were filming President Film shootingErickson skiing down the hill for his investiture speech. It was a blizzard all day and the whole time we were trying our best to protect the $50,000 camera that was placed in our charge. But despite the cold and arduous process of walking down a ski hill with a 50 pound Pelican camera case we had a lot of fun. I will always remember the snow flying in my face, dodging skiers, and working alongside some of my best friends.”

Here at the Archives, we all know how much time Anne has put in to make certain collections easier for patrons to access. She has also helped us expand our technology. In her two and a half years here at the Archives, Anne has done so much and has impacted each and every one of us in some way; hopefully we’ve done the same for her. “The archives have been the best place for me to work these last two and a half years because it has taught me so many things about preservation,at work history, and finishing long term projects. I was also so privileged to be working with media such as the film and reel-to-reels that I had never even seen before and understanding what the media was like before digital. Moving forward in my career I know that the experiences I’ve had here, working independently and as a team, time management skills, multitasking, all will help me in the future when making films. And in my personal life I’ll always remember the wonderful times and people I had the pleasure of knowing and how passionate I am about the work I’ve done.”

What’s next for Anne? “Short term goal for my future, get a job, like everyone’s short term goal but I would love to get an internship or starting position somewhere in my field. I’ll work for a few years while writing scripts on the side. Once I have some scripts ready I want to direct my own films. My hope is they’ll be seen by lots of people who enjoy them but it doesn’t matter to me if I ever make the big time/Oscar winning/paparazzi life because life’s more about enjoying it then how successful you’ve become. And of course Glenda and I need to start the reality TV show where we travel around to different archives in disarray and fix them. And Annika will be my co-writer in the next hit comedy series about life in the archives and everyone is promised a guest appearance.”

With her artistic ability and her great sense of humor, Anne brings a special glow to our Archives family. While she works hard every day on digitization, she also keeps everyone laughing with her great stories and videos that she comes across on social media in her spare time. There is no way to thank her for everything she has done, but this blog is a great place to start. We congratulate Anne on her success and we will miss her very much and we know she will go on to do amazing things, because she is after all, Awesome-Sauce  Anne.


Anne Krohn

B.S. Art and Design-Concentration in Digital Cinema

April, 2016


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