This semester the Archives will be seeing three of our dedicated student assistants graduate and venture forth into the world of Get-A-Real-Job-Already-You-Have-A-Degree Land and we will miss them more than even they can imagine.  In honor and recognition of all they have accomplished and all they will accomplish we have designed a three-part blog series in order to share their greatness with all of you.  I have the pleasure of leading off with our Web Design Specialist, Kelley Kanon.


kelley1Kelley came to NMU after graduating from the Grand Blanc Community High School; here she is receiving her high school diploma in 2012.  Kelley shares a story behind her decision to attend NMU and says it is a hilarious one that she loves to tell.  Tell us that story Kelley!  “I was a senior in high school before I started seriously looking into where I’d like to attend college. Living downstate, I knew about Central Michigan University, Western, and Eastern among other schools. Loving snow as much as I do, I wondered one day so do we even have a Northern Michigan University? One Google search later, I was so excited. Not only was this school in the UP, but Art and Design was a very popular major! Immediately we booked a campus visit. My parents and I loved the town and the school, and Northern ended up being the only school I even applied to.”

Memories are a part of who we all are and go with us throughout our lives.  Kelley shares one of those special memories and a picture from the 2015 Alpha Gamma Delta International Reunion Day with sisters Jonie and Morgan.  kelley2“I have millions of great memories here. I love this school and this town, yet without a doubt, the greatest part about being here has been all the people I’ve met. I’m so thankful for the friendships I’ve made. I’m also very thankful that I got myself involved in Greek life when I was a freshman. I could go on at length about how much growth I have seen myself go through after joining Alpha Gamma Delta, and additionally, I could not be more grateful to have had these sisters through these years as the greatest source of comfort and support. The family I have had here has been what made every experience at Northern a great one.”

kelley3The Archives has benefited immensely from having Kelley as part of our family and her contributions will live long after she leaves us; hopefully we contributed something to her as well.  “Working at the Archives has been crucial in helping me decide where I wanted to go with my career. My first two years of studying graphic design were phenomenal in that our projects were varied: I created magazine spreads, posters, websites, packaging, and books; however, with so many options, I was having trouble narrowing down what exactly it was that I was most interested in, and what I would be the most satisfied doing for a living. When I applied for this job at the Archives my junior year, I thought web design was my biggest interest. Having the opportunity to explore web design in a very real way confirmed it. While working here, I’ve been able to create websites from budding idea to completion, with always interesting subject matter!”

So, what is ahead for our fabulous web designer, you ask.  Well, she does have a plan!  “To be honest, I am embracing the impending identity crisis. I have been a student for my entire life, so taking this final step is equally exciting and completely terrifying. My short and long term goal both is to always be satisfied with what I am doing. I am looking into job opportunities that will make me feel like I am doing something important: that I will be happy to create for. I would love to work for a graphic design firm, for a car company, a video game company, or even to freelance and work for myself. My options are very open-ended at this time, but most immediately, I will be moving back home to the Flint, MI area to be with my very wonderful and supportive family while I search for jobs with a reasonable commute.”kelley4

Kelley Kanon
BFA Art & Design: Graphic Communication
April 2016


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