A Little Bit of Hockey History

Since it’s now hockey season, we thought we would share some images with you from a particularly exciting episode in the NMU hockey team’s history.

In 1991, Northern won the NCAA hockey title for the first time. We played against Boston University and won 8-7. The game went back and forth between the two teams several times, and almost ended in the last second of play. However, the goalkeeper saved a shot, sending the game into overtime. It eventually went into three overtimes, making it the second-longest championship game ever. The game was won by “an unlikely hero,” Darryl Plandowski. The North Wind declared the victory an “epic struggle.” NMU’s Head Coach, Rick Comley described the game as “emotional.”

img032 img033 img034

When the team returned to Marquette, they were greeted by a crowd of 1000 people at the airport. Public Safety, the Marquette City Police, the Marquette County sheriffs, and the Michigan State Police escorted them back to Marquette. A North Wind article described the scene:

A Marquette fire truck led the horn-honking caravan back to Marquette down US 41, and the fans followed in their cars, making for a wild, exuberant victory parade. Once at Lakeview Arena, the players held up the trophy to the roar of 1000 fans. On the way into the locker room, several players thanked the crowd from a raised rear-end of a truck. They signed autographs, gave youngsters some of their sticks, and talked to reporters.


Interested in the history of hockey at NMU? Come visit the Archives and learn more about it with scrapbooks, news articles, and photographs!

Written by Prince Parker


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