What’s Happening at the Archives

Our last summer update post did not cover everything that’s been going on at the Archives, so this week we’re adding to the updates.

Recently, the Archives acquired a collection of records from the American Playground Company in Nahma, MI. The Bay de Noquet Lumber Company established the town of Nahma in 1881. When it quit logging in the area in 1951, it sold the entire town to the American Playground Device Company. The American Playground Company planned to make Nahma into a resort town but never had the funds to do so. We have not yet accessioned the records and therefore do not know what they contain. However, we presume that they will contain much interesting information about the purchase of Nahma and the company’s plans to make the town into a resort.

Coincidentally, the Beaumier Heritage Center here at NMU is currently running an exhibit about Nahma if you would like to learn more about the town. As these records are accessioned and processed, we will give you updates.

Screenshot (8)

(Photo from LIFE magazine, October 22, 1951)

Marcus Robyns, the University Archivist, also has several projects that he will be working on for the next few weeks. Our processor Glenda Ward has finally managed to force several times onto his schedule to deal with some problematic collections that he has been avoiding. These projects mostly include weeding some of our files that have become excessive and deciding whether some of our collections are manuscript or university series.

Another reminder about our hours: We have now switched over to our summer hours, which are Monday-Friday 8 AM – 5 PM.

Our fall hours, which begin with the start of the fall semester, will be Monday-Friday 10 AM – 8 PM and Saturday 11 AM – 3 PM.

Written by Annika Peterson


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