Dominic Jacobetti

The Dominic J. Jacobetti collection focuses on his forty year (1954-1994) career as member of the Michigan House of Representatives. Within this time period Jacobetti sought to provide funding for multiple projects throughout Michigan but primarily the Upper Peninsula. Jacobetti was a proud Yooper and was often known as “a man of the people” and “the working man’s Representative.”

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Dominic Jacobetti was born in Negaunee, MI July 20, 1920 to Nick and Josephine Jacobetti. He attended St. Paul’s High School in 1938 and quickly started working as a miner for Athens Mining Company, and was promoted to become president of the United Steel Workers Union. Once he was elected to the Michigan House of Representatives he served on multiple committees such as the Conservation, Educational Institutions and Tuberculosis Hospitals Committees, the Conservation and Fish and Fisheries Committees, the Educational Institutions Committee, the Conservation Committee, the House Policy Committee, the House Policy and State Affairs Committees; and the Appropriations Committee. He involved himself with state-wide and local issues such as abortion/right to life, insurance reform, seat belt legislation, sobriety check lanes and tax limitation.

Jacobetti’s political focus was to maximize job opportunities, education programs, equal rights, transportation facilities and provide funding for ongoing projects within the Upper Peninsula.  Jacobetti felt so attached to the Upper Peninsula that he fought towards the effort of the Upper Peninsula becoming the fifty-first state.

Come check out Chat with the Archivist next Wednesday in the Jamrich lobby to learn more about Dominic Jacobetti.

Written by Peter Dewan


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