Meet the Archives Office Plants!

Recently the Archives has acquired several new inhabitants and we thought we would introduce them to you.

As you walk into the front office, turn to your left to see Tiberius, named after Captain James Tiberius Kirk. Tiberius will encourage you to boldly research where no man has researched before.


Ignis, which means “fire” in Latin, got his name due to his red and yellow leaves. This cheery plant will greet you at the front desk of the Archives.


Near Marcus’ office, you will find Yogi and Danny and the Boys, the oldest plants at the Archives. Yogi is named after Yogi Berra, a famous New York Yankees’ player. Danny and the Boys are reeds which came from John Voelker’s pond and now reside at the Archives. Danny and the Boys: Being Some Legends of Hungry Hollow is the title of a book by John Voelker (under his pen name Robert Traver) featuring “the mischievous escapades of Danny and his ‘boys.’ Setting themselves up in a logging shack near the iron-mining town of Chippewa in Michigan’s Upper Peninsula, Danny and his cronies spend their time fishing and hunting, story-telling, moonshining, and rampaging through the Chippewa saloons and the local ‘hotel'” (Amazon synopsis of the book).


Near one of the tables in the Reading Room, you will find Livingstone. As he looks like the sort of plant that would live in a jungle, we wanted to name him after an explorer…and mostly we wanted an excuse to say, “Dr. Livingstone, I presume?” as often as possible.


In the two corners of the Reading Room, you will find Castor and Pollux, the “twin” plants. In Greek myth, Pollux was immortal while Castor was mortal. When Castor died, Pollux chose to give half of his immortality to Castor. Both survived, but each had to spend half of their time in Olympus and half in Hades. Just as Castor and Pollux were forever separated, our plants are forever sundered by the entire expanse of the Reading Room.

DSCF0365 DSCF0364

Names Suggested and Chosen by Anne Krohn, Glenda Ward, Morgan Paavola, and Annika Peterson

Nametags by Anne Krohn, Morgan Paavola, and Annika Peterson

Blog written by Annika Peterson


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