Marcus C. Robyns, University Archivist: Yesterday, Today, and Beyond

We at the Archives recently updated the board outside the Archives in honor of Marcus C. Robyns, the University Archivist and a full professor at Northern Michigan University. Here is the result of our artistic endeavor:


Marcus is a native of Eugene, Oregon. Before arriving in Marquette on March 1, 1997, Marcus was the City Archivist for the city of Portland, Oregon, and an adjunct assistant professor of history at Portland State University. He holds a Bachelor of Arts degree and Master of Arts degree in United States history from the University of Oregon with a concentration in archival management. He is a former member of the board of directors of the Michigan Archival Association, a member of the Editorial Board of the Michigan Historical Review, a team Leader for the Academy of Certified Archivists (ACA) Recertification Petition Review Team, the ACA Regent for Exam Administration, and a member of the ACA Exam Development Committee. Marcus is married and has two children. He has recently taken up gardening.

Marcus is currently the Secretary for Northern Michigan University’s AAUP. He has also written an article about unions at NMU entitled “The Battle for Shared Governance: The Birth of the Northern Michigan University Chapter of the American Association of University Professors, 1967-1976” (The Michigan Historical Review, vol. 28, No. 2, fall 2002). He is the author of the article “The Archivist as Educator: Integrating Critical Thinking Skills into Historical Research Methods Instruction” (The American Archivist, vol. 64, no. 2, fall/winter 2001). His new book, Using Functional Analysis in Archival Appraisal: A Practical and Effective Alternative to Traditional Appraisal Methodologies, comes out June 16.

Ideas Person/Instigator: Glenda Ward

Creative Consultants: Anne Krohn and Morgan Paavola

Blog prepared by Annika Peterson


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