Congratulations, Kacey!

Kacey Lewis, our Digitization Specialist at the Archives, is graduating this semester!
Kacey is going to be attending Museology grad school at the University of Washington in Seattle. She plans to focus in New Technologies and someday hopes to incorporate new technology within exhibition design in order to enhance a visitor’s experience. She also plans to apply to the Fulbright program in the near future in the hopes of going to teach English in another country, preferably Germany.

Her favorite part of working at the Archives is how much she has learned from Marcus and how much he trusts her judgment. She said that another of her favorite parts of working at the Archives is “meeting all of the amazing people that I have worked with. Working with people who are more like your family than co-workers is something really rare and very special.”

I asked some of the people who have worked with Kacey over the years to share some of their favorite memories of her:

Allison Engblom: “I remember the first day I met her she was wearing a black cardigan with a gray scarf and and her hair was in a pony tail. She was sitting next to Kyle on the couch in the reading room. We were all getting trained in together. I came up to sit next to her and…[said], “Hey, I’m Allison.” She gave Kyle the funniest look, like who is this crazy person. We bonded over the fact that I went to an Avenged Sevenfold concert (the original before the drummer died) and she never could… I remember Kacey and Ali hid in boxes in the back and Marcus came back to look at something and they scared him. THAT was funny.” She also remembers “wearing our matching One Direction shirts to work and making everyone be embarrassed to sit by us.”

Savannah Mallo: “I found out that we both shared an undying love for cats. That was a beautiful moment.”

Anne Krohn: “Kacey has always been very helpful and a good mentor to me and I really appreciated that. I can’t really think of a specific memory that stands out. I am just very thankful that she was my mentor because we got along so well. I know she’ll do well in grad school. She’s a hard worker and a passionate person. Kacey is confident, smart and she’s not afraid to stand up for herself and her beliefs. It’s due to these qualities that I know she’ll go far in life and I have confidence that she will accomplish her goals and dreams.”
Everyone here is going to miss Kacey a lot, but we know that she will be successful in grad school and beyond! Congratulations to everyone graduating from Northern this semester!










Prepared by Annika Peterson


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