Fun Winter Photos at the Archives

This week we have been updating the display board outside the archives. It now features many wintry photos of campus taken over the years. Some of these photos are really rather amusing, so we thought that we would share them with you.

Untitled-1Amidst a collection of photos of normal snowshoeing activities, this picture inexplicably appeared. One wonders how far they could travel using such methods. The efficiency of such locomotion is also questionable.

Untitled-8Lunch tray sledding was once a popular Northern pastime. People would attempt to sled down the hills face first on relatively small metal cafeteria trays. Here is someone at the top of the hill.

Untitled-6The aftermath of lunch tray sledding –most didn’t make it to the bottom of the hill without falling off their tray, leading to tangled piles of students. People would gather to watch the spectacle.

Untitled-11Again, someone falls off of their lunch tray in front of the crowd.

Untitled-9A person lands after their ride in a spray of snow. The best part of this picture, is, of course, the facial expressions of those waiting to catch the person.

Untitled-7Some were pulled downhill on actual sleds by teams of people.

Untitled-10Others attempted to be pulled on the actual lunch trays. Note just how many people are watching this event!

Untitled-2This series of pictures was found in a folder humorously labelled “Student Life—Winter—Falling Down”. Here, we see a person slipping in the snow.

Untitled-3He finally manages to stand back up…

Untitled-5Only to fall right back down again… One wonders if the person taking the photos ever thought to put down the camera and help this poor guy.

Perhaps the best-known winter tradition at NMU is the Brule Run. The night after the first snowfall, the men of Brule House streak through the courtyard. In the 1970s, streaking had occurred periodically during winter months in the Payne/Halverson courtyard. When this practice died down in the early 1980s, Brule decided to revive the tradition but make it a specific, once-a-year event for just their house. It has continued until the present day, but its continuation is now being questioned after arrests occurred during the event earlier this week.

Prepared by Annika Peterson and Jaime Ganzel


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