NEW: In-House Genealogist at the Archives!

Meet Our New Genealogy Researcher!

We have a new genealogy research volunteer here at the Archives! Her name is Karen Kasper and she is a member of the Marquette County Genealogical Society. Besides researching her own family tree, Karen enjoys helping others with their family histories. She is knowledgeable in genealogy and is experienced in research and finding information. She grew up in Marquette County and is familiar with the area. Karen volunteers at the Archives on Thursday mornings, and is available to help researchers learn about and utilize our genealogy resources. She can be contacted by e-mail for advice, simple queries, and other information at

Although our new specialist is only available on Thursdays, genealogical researchers are welcome at the archives at any time. We have many helpful resources for those looking for information on their ancestors, including Marquette County Court Records for both civil and criminal cases, marriage records, tax rolls, and coroner’s inquests. We also have the naturalization records for Marquette County, including declarations of intent, petitions for citizenship, and citizenship certificates. Our records from the Cleveland Cliffs Iron Company include payroll, correspondence, and many other records from the mines which are potentially useful for genealogy research. The archives also has many records from Saint Paul’s Episcopal Church and the Episcopal Diocese of Northern Michigan, including the church register, newsletters, correspondence, reports, memoranda, histories, confirmation and appointment records, and much more!

If you are specifically interested in finding information about someone who was associated with Northern, we can also help you. We have a card file index containing many of the former students, faculty, and organizations at Northern, along with enrollment records, graduation lists, and phone directories. We also have the Penninsulan yearbooks from 1910 to 1980 along with the yearly bulletins dating back to 1900 which contain lists of classes offered and lists of students and faculty.

Finally, the archives also has extensive oral history collections. Some deal specifically with the history of Northern or of the surrounding region. Topics covered in the oral history collection include Italian American immigration, underground mining, labor history, the Great Depression, and World War II. Find some of our oral history recordings at

Happy Researching!



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