A Send-Off for our New Graduates!

This semester, we say goodbye to two longtime Archives employees, Olivia Ernst and Kyle St. John.

Olivia Ernst PortraitOlivia Ernst, our Senior Student Assistant, started at the Archives in September 2009 as the Digital Resources and Technology Coordinator. She helped to create project websites for the John D. Voelker Papers, the Oral History Collection, and the Cleveland-Cliffs Iron Company Historical Records Digitization Project.  In 2011 she became the Technical and External Reference Request Coordinator, and in May of 2012 she took on her current role. During this time, Olivia has also completed the coursework for a BA in Graduate Bound English and German Studies, and will be graduating summa cum laude on May 4th. She is looking forward to a year “off” while she takes time to apply to various PhD programs in English Literature with a specialization in Medieval Studies. During this time, she hopes to work as a copy editor, applying the writing and editorial skills she’s learned from managing this blog, as well as from her time as an editorial intern with Passages North, the Literary Journal of NMU. Olivia will greatly miss the Archives and her fellow coworkers, as well as Marcus’s German outbursts, and wishes Savannah Mallo the best of luck as she transitions into the Senior Student Assistant position.

Two days after this was posted, Olivia found out that she will be attending University of Colorado – Boulder this fall in pursuit of a Masters in English Literature. We wish her the best of luck!

Kyle St. John PortraitKyle, hired in September of 2011 as the University Records Center Coordinator, will be graduating with a BS in Mechanical Engineering Technology. He has already received a job as a Pathfinder with Schlumberger, in Texas, where he will be working on oil rigs and using the latest available technology to help clients reach oil and natural gas reserves. We wish him the best of luck with his budding career. Kyle would like to leave with a short anecdote about his experience here, and while it does not portray the usually professional and productive side of the Archives, we thought we would share it with you anyways.

               When you get hired, you’re usually told what you will be doing, right? Even though I never saw it in the job description, this is what happened.  I got a frantic phone call from Marcus one day, saying something about a street name and the end of the world. After several minutes he was able to calm down and tell me that his car had broken down and was currently sitting in the middle of the intersection. I simply said, “what do you want me to do about it?” to which he yelled “WELL YOU’RE AN ENGINEER, FIX IT!” before hanging up. So I sought out this “end of the world” situation. It was snowing at the time, so the road was soaked and freezing cold as I crawled under the car to try to fix the starter. This didn’t work, of course. As I crawled out from under the car he simply looked at me and said “well, we’ll just have to tow it.” I stupidly said “sure, sounds good,” not realizing that he meant I should tow him across town, since I had an SUV and a tow strap. So it was back under the car to properly attach the strap, and the entire time the boss was whining, “It’s the end of the world.” After giving him a crash course in what not to do when being towed, we were off to south Marquette and the auto shop. Surprisingly, the trip was uneventful.  Then finally, after we got back, he simply looks at me and says, “Good job, now take the rest of the day off”. Walking back to my car I asked myself, “What the hell just happened?”

We hope that you have enjoyed this odd story, and we also hope that you will join us in sending off these two valuable employees. We wish them the best of luck in their future endeavors!


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