New Collection: John Kiltinen Papers

This week at the archives, we finished processing the John Kiltinen papers. This was a huge project, but it was easily managed thanks to our Description and Arrangement Specialists Glenda Ward and Jaime Ganzel and former Student Assistant, Natalie Yeager.

John Kiltinen, a Marquette native, received his undergraduate degree from NMU before going onto receive his PhD in Mathematics from Duke University. After that he taught at University of Minnesota for four years before returning to NMU, where he taught from 1971-2007.

The John Kiltinen papers are primarily letters and correspondence about his involvement in the Seaborg Summer Science Academy and The Summer Institute of Arts and Sciences, as well as information about his time as President of the AAUP during NMU’s Declaration of Financial Exigency in the early ‘80s. Kiltinen also established the Michigan Mathematics Placement Exam, was on the faculty advisory budget committee, on the committee to elect James Appleberry as NMU President after John X. Jamrich, and on the Michigan Council of Teachers of Mathematics (State Affiliate of the National Council of Teachers of Mathematics). For 10 years he served as the Editor of the Michigan section of the Mathematical Association of America’s newsletter. One of his many notable achievements was starting the visiting science lecture program in the Upper Peninsula in the ‘70s, where NMU professors would give lectures in the local high schools which allowed students to develop interests in different fields.

John Kiltinen accepting an Upper Peninsula Choral Society award.

Here we see John Kiltinen accepting an award for one of his other hobbies, Choir.

For more information on John Kiltinen or to hear his oral history interview, visit the Archives in Room 126 of the LRC (down by Starbucks).  A special thanks to Glenda Ward for her help and information on this subject.

Prepared by Alexandria Eisner, Glenda Ward, and Olivia Ernst. 



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