Hearing From Students Directly

When trying to get a feel for how students feel about certain local issues or to see what they’re thinking about being a student at Northern, The North Wind has traditionally done “man on the street” interviews. The “Opinion Poll” and “Sound Off” show pictures of students and their answers to a particular question.

I like reading through them when I’m going through old newspapers. I’ve collected a couple that I thought were funny or interesting.

This one from 1990 asks, “What do you think the sports dome should be named?” Some of the answers are “The Yooper Dome” and “The Queen City Coliseum.” Predictably some people use the opportunity to be funny. Someone suggested “Gordon” as the name for the Dome.

sound off

In the 90s, Northern administrators considered whether winter break should be three or four weeks long. Accompanying an article in the newspaper, students were asked what they thought about the debate.

sound of

There are plenty of questions that aren’t based on Northern but on the lives of these students. In 1993, The North Wind asked, “Do you have any plans to volunteer this holiday season?”

sound off

Written by Lucy Hough


2 thoughts on “Hearing From Students Directly

  1. Haley

    Hey Lucy, the last two photo opinions are from around 2005. Amy Quick was an RA in Meyland and a couple of the other students lived in West during that time.


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