Ishpeming’s Gossard Factory

NTbeaumier1 Today we have a slightly unusual item from the BHC collection. It is a corset made by the H.W. Gossard Company. This item is in our collection because although the company was originally founded in Chicago, in 1920 they bought a warehouse in Ishpeming and turned it into a new factory. This corset was made during the time it was in operation.

NTbeaumier2The factory was a very important part of the community in Ishpeming for as long as it was open. In its hay day, the factory employed well over 500 people, the vast majority of which were women, and helped to pump money into the city’s economy. The factory was in operation until December 31, 1976. The building is now the Pioneer mall in downtown Ishpeming.

This item is currently off display.

Written by Stephen Glover of the BHC


One thought on “Ishpeming’s Gossard Factory

  1. Sandra Arsenault

    My husband and I have owned the H.W. Gossard Bldg in Ishpeming, MI since 1987. In Spring of 2014 the bldg. was added to the national and State Historical Registry. We received a façade grant at the same time. Over 80 new windows have been installed. Brick and mortar work is still on going as is painting. (winter weather). The name of the bldg. is “Gossard” On the 3rd floor of the bldg. is the Ishpeming Area Historical Society. A Tribute wall is currently be constructed to honor all the employees and the factory. A new store front is also in construction, “Gossard’s Arts n Antiques” and building materials are original Gossard wood, from sewing/cutting/ tables, pallets, metals, windows, doors even a old stair banister. Gossard is on Facebook, and we have a web page Proud owners of the Historical Gossard Building in Ishpeming, MI


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