Not that kind of Greek…

Alpha Gamma Delta, Kappa Beta Gamma, Phi, Say What? Greek life at NMU is often overlooked and is lacking compared to its potential and possibilities. At many universities and colleges around the nation, Greek life and its opportunities are a big part of college life. Central Michigan and Michigan Tech, for example, have many fraternities/sororities and houses which are part of the tradition, so pride in Greek life remains intact for them. These days at NMU, the community and school itself doesn’t give the Greeks the same support it once did. Only four sororities and four fraternities remain.

Greek houses were once on the streets of Tracy, Norwood, and Schaffer, forming NMU’s “Greek Row.” In spring of 1987, Marquette and NMU teamed up to form a committee on Greek row to further develop housing and the Greek life as a whole.

John X. Jamrich crowning one of the elected "Gods" during Greek Week.

Does anyone know who this Greek “God” being crowned by John X. Jamrich is?

“Greek Week” was also more elaborate in the ‘80s, and consisted of God/Goddess voting and crowning (a mock wedding at the end of the week), tug-of-war, torch runs through campus, bed races, eating contests, gym night, and a reception for the NMU administration. Many of these events would also benefit a good cause or local charity, such as the Marquette General Hospital Pediatric Unit.

Greek life in college can have many advantages, such as friendships, connections for job placement, and community service and volunteer hours. Unfortunately for NMU, since the early ‘90s our Greek life has steadily fallen from grace and the “Golden Age of the Greeks” is now history.

For more information about this “Golden Age” and some of the controversies that led to its demise, stop by the NMU Archives in room 126 of the LRC.

Prepared by Alexandria Eisner and Olivia Ernst.


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