Snow culture at NMU

One of the first things prospective students ask about upon visiting or searching NMU is, how do you handle the winter? And even though it’s certainly intimidating, winter weather becomes part of the culture here at NMU. In my opinion, it’s one of the most unifying aspects of Northern and integral to what makes Northern so great.

Inevitably, this love and presence of winter shows up in Northern’s student newspapers over time.

There are articles in which students wonder what the weather will be like, like this one in 1990 that cites the Old Farmer’s Almanac and local meteorologists.


But, keeping in mind how much snow makes life what it is here, I love looking at all of the pictures of winter weather in the past. Here are some of those pictures:

winter5 winter4 winter3 winter2

With winter weather also comes winter sports. This article ran in 1968 and shows how many skiing opportunities exist in the Upper Peninsula. Certainly, some of it’s outdated, but I think this illustrates the importance and range of opportunities in the U.P. To read the whole article and see the specific places of note, click on the photo.


Though we’re getting less snow than we have in years past, it hasn’t stopped today’s student newspaper from commenting on the weather, like about the snow day policy or crosswalk safety over icy roads. Both of these articles ran in last week’s North Wind.

Written by Lucy Hough


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