Show And Tell – Artifact Descriptions

Every item donated to us here at the Beaumier Heritage Center is placed into our database. The database allows us to keep track of what we have and where everything is located. We try to record as much information about the artifact as possible. Although there are things we might not know about the object, we can always at least put in its description. This is arguably some of the most important information we collect (second only to its story).

This sounds like very obvious information, and it is, but it is not always easy to describe some of the objects in our procession. The description needs to be specific enough that someone who is searching for the item has an approximate idea of what they are looking for and would be able to distinguish it from other similar objects.

How would you describe these objects? You can see our descriptions below.

Object A

Object A

Object B

Object B

Object C

Object C

A) Thermometer encased in a decorative wooden handle. The end of the wood contains a sharp copper point, similar looking to a bullet. The top of the wooden handle is threaded with a string for hanging. The front of the wood face is carved out to display the thermometer which ranges from 18 F – 84 F.

B) Black handkerchief with symbols of animals in red, yellow, white, and black.

C) Metal amulet on a red velvet lanyard. It is in the shape of an oval and a pedestal in the middle with ‘flames’ in the shape of an E and S.

Written By Stephen Glover of the BHC.


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