Northern’s newspapers

Over Northern’s winter break, my plan is to work on creating a Northern history fact sheet, for a one-stop-shop of crucial Northern information, such as list of presidents and their dates, list of buildings and their dates, and even, the changing names of the university.

Northern went through a number of radical changes which reflect how the purpose of the university changed, from a teachers college to the university it is today.

1899 – 1927, Northern State Normal
1927 – 1942, Northern State Teachers College
1942 – 1955, Northern Michigan College of Education
1955 – 1963, Northern Michigan College
1963 – present, Northern Michigan University

In my history posts on this blog, I often reference the student newspapers, but the name of the student newspaper has changed over the years, due primarily to the changing name of the university. That is, until 1972, when the newspaper changed to become independent.

I wanted to show how Northern’s newspaper has changed over the years, from its name to even how it looks.

Northern newspapers:

newspaper11919 – 1927, Northern Normal NewsThis was the first student newspaper on campus. Served Northern State Normal.

northern college news

1927 – 1955, Northern College News – Published bi-weekly, except during August and September. Had a large off-campus circulation and therefore served to advertise the college. Was the student newspaper during Northern State Teachers College and Northern Michigan College of Education.


1955 – 1972, The Northern News – Student newspaper while Northern was Northern Michigan College and Northern Michigan University. There is some suggestion that Jamrich had a large editorial hand in the newspaper, which led to the creation of an independent student newspaper.


1972 – present, The North Wind – Northern’s independent newspaper, which publishes every Thursday, with a 5,000 paper circulation. This newspaper is funded partially by advertising and partially by the Student Activity Fee, which full-time students are required to pay, which gives money each year to The North Wind; Radio X, the student radio station; ASNMU, the student government; and the Student Finance Committee, the organization which funds events on campus.

Written by Lucy Hough


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