David Reid: An Olympic Champion

Mitchell and Reid

Reid shortly after winning his Olympic gold medal with his coach and mentor, Al Mitchell.

Established in 1987, NMU’s boxing program trained many athletes in its 21 years that went on to have great careers. One of those greats is David “American Dream” Reid. Reid had successful amateur- and pro-careers before retiring in 2001.

Probably the biggest highlight from his career is his attendance at the 1996 Atlanta Olympics. There, he won the gold medal in the light middleweight division of boxing.

Reid and Wong

Taken while Les Wong was NMU president and Reid was coaching.

Reid then started his pro career, where he went undefeated for 17 fights. As his career continued he seemed to falter a bit, gaining his last few wins with extremely close scores and eventually losing 2 fights that were believed to have been relatively easy fights. He retried with a 17-2 record with 7 Kos.

After retiring from his pro-career, he made his way back to NMU and was an assistant and volunteer coach for the boxing program at the USOEC until the program was suspended in 2008.

His gold medal is currently in the USOEC display case in the Superior Dome.


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