Researcher Spotlight: Amelia Waeghe, HS 390 Student

Many of the faces we see here at the Central Upper Peninsula and Northern Michigan University Archives belong to NMU’s very own history students. Each semester the archives floods with students enrolled in HS 390, also known as The Historian’s Laboratory. This class requires them to do an Upper Peninsula related research project involving both local traditional archives and digital archives. The students must meet with our head archivist, Marcus Robyns, to discuss a topic and a direction for their research. Once their topic has been approved, they are given a list of materials to get them started. At the end of the semester they compose a paper and present on their findings.

This semester we would like to highlight Amelia Waeghe as our exceptional HS 390

Patron Sign-In Sheet

A sample of the Patron Sign-In Sheet for the month of October, highlighting the frequency of Amelia’s visits.

researcher. Amelia’s project focuses on researching if people from different ethnic groups were more likely to be arrested in Marquette County for violating the prohibition-era liquor laws. She also looked at the deaths in the county during that time. This required spending hours upon hours in the Archives, up to her eyes in boxes of county court records and coroner’s reports. In an official tally, from September through November, Amelia came into the archives 41 times to research. Her professor, Dr. Magnaghi, stated that “the results, to date, have been a variety of well-developed papers that use the Archives to help research topics that are not the run of the mill.” Amelia’s found that no particular ethnic group was arrested more frequently than any other. She also discovered eight deaths in Marquette County during the prohibition era, only two of which were not related to alcohol. We applaud Amelia and the rest of her classmates for their hard work and exceptional research skills!

We love to see NMU students walk through our doors. The Archives is a very valuable resource that every student, whether or not they’re taking HS 390, should utilize. If you’ve never been here before, stop by and check us out in room 126 of the Learning Resource Center on NMU’s campus. We hope to see you soon!

Prepared by Savannah Mallo and Olivia Ernst.


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