From Domestic Science and Domestic Art to Technology and Occupational Sciences

iron standSince the beginning, NMU has devoted itself to giving students an excellent, well-rounded education that includes practical, hands-on skills. The staff of Northern instituted a life teaching certificate in Domestic Science and Domestic Art in 1910. As part of this certificate, students were taught several skills such as, how to sew , cook, and put on banquets and teas. As the years passed, the classes offered were expanded upon and the name of the department changed many times. Today the Technology and Occupational Sciences department is the descendent of those first classes and continues to provide excellent educational classes and programs.

ironThis iron and stand combination would have been used in one of the clothes making classes. It is a Gross Star electric iron made by the L. Behrstock Company. The iron by its self weighs 12 pounds and still works!

It is currently off display, but other items from the Domestic Science and Domestic Art classes can be viewed in the conference room of the President’s office.

Written by Stephen Glover of the BHC


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