Archival Assistance: WNMU’s 50th Anniversary, coming up!

North Wind Article on the WNMU Break-in. At the Archives, we love when we are able to help out others in the NMU family. We have records from nearly every department and organization at the university, and are often contacted by people looking for information on the history of our wonderful school. Our latest project is compiling a history of the WNMU radio station here on campus.

WNMU is approaching their 50th anniversary next year, and have begun preparing the celebration. They have asked us to help them develop a timeline of the radio station’s history, including all the major events of the past 50 years. Our job is to search our material for any exciting moments to include that show how WNMU became such a successful part of our campus. Including visuals in the timeline is an interactive way to show the history of this radio station.

News Bureau photos from WNMU Break-inPhotos are a great place to start when doing a history project like this. We can use images to capture people, and each image has a story that goes along with it. For example, did you know that the WNMU station was broken into and vandalized in 1982? We have photos to prove it! Hans Ahlstrom, the current voice of WNMU, recalls noticing the remaining dents in the walls of the office when he first started, and hearing the story of the ex-employee who broke into the studio one night simply to wreak havoc.

The project will be complete and posted on our website in time for the 2013 WNMU celebration, so keep a look out for the link. It’s a great opportunity to learn something new about our school!

Prepared by Savannah Mallo and Olivia Ernst.


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