‘Moose goes on the loose in Magers’

newspaper clipping of moose on campus

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Jeff Korpi, who was resident director in Magers Hall at the time, says when he heard the shattered glass, it sounded like someone had dropped a glass cup.

“And then all of a sudden, it was like the hall just started to buzz.”

Korpi thought there was a fight going on, so he got up and started to follow the people who were running toward the courtyard.

What Korpi and the other residents found was a moose in the Magers Hall courtyard. It had wandered onto campus and was scared, most reports of the event say, and crashed into the first-floor laundry room window before running off campus. Public Safety had been called and Korpi remembers that the officers were trying to direct the moose away from campus and into the woods, in the direction of Big Bay.

“Once it got in the woods, it was a dead issue,” Korpi says, who is now assistant director of residence halls and apartment.

The moose had hit the building so hard that it broke the entire window. Korpi says he called a carpenter to come look at it, and the window was replaced that night.

“The one thing that I do remember that stands out is that students were running after the moose,” he says.

This happened in 2006. Magers Hall had recently been updated, so the pictures that are featured in The North Wind article about the event are from security cameras.

Kim Eggleston was the editor in chief of The North Wind at the time.

“Someone told me there was a moose ‘rampaging’ through Magers. I said, ‘Haha.’ They said, ‘No really. There is a moose, you have to get someone down there,’” Eggleston says. “I think the residents of Magers had quite a shock though. We at The North Wind were mostly very gleeful about it. I mean, where else do you even get to write about this? Alaska, probably.”

Korpi says he doesn’t recall another time that a moose was on campus, however there have been incidents in the community. He remembers a moose being in the pond in the 7th street cemetery for days, and in the summer of 2011 there was the moose on Presque Isle that was removed by tranquilizer and the help of the DNR.

Written by Lucy Hough


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