Covering fall weather in the student newspaper

On Saturday, Sept. 22, fall officially begins. But with the cold rainy weather in Marquette all week, it feels like fall (and possibly inklings of winter) have already reached NMU.

newspaper picture of rain

Published in The Northern News in 1963

NMU’s student newspapers have covered similar times in the past with relative depth. On Oct. 13, 1963, this photo was printed on the front page. The caption under the photo says, “Students have had to navigate puddles and hurry to class to stay dry recently. More than two inches of rain has fallen in the area the past couple of days. But don’t let the gloom drag you too low; the weather service says that skies will turn partly cloudy, and the temperatures will reach 60 degrees on Friday.”

The changing seasons in the U.P. have also taken center stage in the newspaper. This middle-spread of the newspaper is about good places to see the changing colors throughout the Upper Peninsula, and even though it was published in 1984, those places are still scenic and beautiful when the leaves change.

Fall colors

Published in The North Wind in 1984

Written by Lucy Hough


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