Tea with Ethel Carey

ICarey's serving trayn light of the recent demolition of Carey Hall, this artifact is an appropriate tribute to the woman for whom the building was named. The artifact is a silver serving tray used during the many formal functions put on by Ethel Carey. It would most likely have been used during a tea party to carry a tea pot, milk, sugar and any snacks that may have been provided.

As was written in the recent blog post “Demolition: Carey Hall,” Carey was a conservative woman and interested in the moral wellbeing of the students under her care. She was very adamant about having students form social groups and to entertain each other and faculty. Because of this, she was very monumental in continuing formal teas and banquets during her tenure as the Dean of Women.

Although this artifact is currently off display in the Beaumier Heritage Center’s storage, a small recreation of a typical dinner setting is on display in the President’s conference room.

Written by Stephen Glover of the BHC


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