A Piece of NMU’s Past

The first building on campus was South Hall, completed in 1900. Since then many buildings have been a part of NMU. Although a few have been demolished to make way for newer, more advanced facilities, parts of these lost buildings remain as a reminder of our physical history.

South Hall, later renamed the John M. Longyear Hall of Pedagogy in 1902, was destroyed by a fire on Dec. 18, 1905. It was rebuilt in 1906 and was in use until 1972 when it was condemned. It remained vacant until 1994 when a failed attempt to raise money to save the building led to its demolition. A historical marker was put up in 1998 to commemorate Longyear Hall and the other buildings that were demolished in the area. The marker is located on the southern side of the Cohodas building.

This set of tiles is from Longyear hall and once made up the floor of the building. It is currently on display in the conference room of the President’s office.

Written by Stephen Glover of the BHC


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