Fashion in the U.P.

Fashion at NMUAn article in the latest edition of The North Wind examines fashion at NMU. This article is surprisingly similar to an article posted in The North Wind in September 1984 and asks a lot of the same questions: how do students in the rural Upper Peninsula find fashionable clothes that fit their style?

Current students have the luxury of buying clothes online, but in 1984, students typically went to Green Bay to buy their clothes. One of the featured students in the article was in a band that traveled nation-wide and said his clothes came from cities such as New York, Los Angeles and Atlanta.

The article features four students and asked them to describe their look. Of the three looks, the student on the left is “straightforward,” the center picture is “trendy” and the right, who is the student who traveled with a band, is “loud and rockish.” The fourth student said in the article that she tries for a “comfortable but ‘frightening’ look,” and described her style as “not typical.”

Though the fashions are considered outdated today, the advice that students offered remains true. The student in the center of the three pictures said that finding the right style is important for self esteem: “If you feel you look nice, you feel better about yourself.” And the student who goes for an atypical look said that because of the culture in the Upper Peninsula and at Northern, “Up here, anything goes.”

Written by Lucy Hough


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