Moving in, then and now

Meyland HallFirst- and second-year students moving into the residence halls this week will likely move into a suite with another student and a bathroom connecting to the room next door. There are 10 different residence halls, and each one has study rooms, TV rooms, a lobby and recreation area, laundry facilities, Cable TV, wireless internet, and vending machines. Double occupancy room for students costs $4,004 per year, and a constant meal plan which first-year students are required to have is $4,196.

This is quite different than the first residence hall on campus. Called the Dormitory, it was located where St. Michael’s parish is located now, kiddy corner the University Center. It was a 4-story building; the first floor housed a dining room, kitchen, pantry and stewards quarters. The second and third floors were the sleeping apartments. Its technological advancements included steam heat, electric lights and running water. The cost was $9 for room and $36 for board for 14 weeks of school.

dormitoryThe Dormitory opened in 1900, only a year after the college opened, and served students until 1918 when it was sold to the Catholic Diocese of Marquette. No longer owned by Northern State Normal School, the building continued to house students: members of the Student Army Training Corp lived there from 1918-1919, and during the 1920s, Catholic nuns lived there while attending Northern in the summer.

In 1943, St. Michael’s school was put in this location. Because of the degradation of the building, the top two floors were removed. And in 1963, it was demolished.

First picture: Housing website; Second picture: From the NMU Archives

Written by Lucy Hough


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