"Romney for Jobs" bumper sticker

New Collection: Fred Sabin Papers

"Romney for Jobs" bumper sticker

The NMU Archives has a new collection that we’re dying to tell you about!  We have recently processed the personal papers of politician Fred Sabin. Sabin was an ophthalmologist who practiced in Marquette from 1967-1985. He was also an active leader of the Republican Party, serving as chairman of the Marquette County Republicans. He was the vice chairman of the 11th Congressional District Republican Committee, chairman of Citizens for Ruppe, and was a delegate to the Republican National Convention in 1964.  Sabin’s involvement at NMU included serving as a member of the Northern Michigan University Board of Control from 1967-1984. This collection of his personal papers includes photos, newspaper clippings, campaign literature and memorabilia, personal correspondence, and materials concerning various Republican Party leaders.

Amongst the politicians mentioned in the papers is George Romney, father of current presidential candidate Mitt Romney. The collection contains documents pertaining to Romney’s 1963-1964 gubernatorial campaign and election. There are also personal correspondence letters between Sabin and Romney as well as newspaper clippings from Romney’s political career.  “The material concerning George Romney gives a unique insight into Republican politics in the 1960’s and especially in Marquette County” says Jaime Ganzel, NMU Archives Arrangement and Description Specialist, who was responsible for processing the Sabin papers.

Prepared by Jamie Ganzel, Savannah Mallo, and Olivia Ernst.


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